Handbook – Project Management and Quality Plan

Project ELEvaTE is aimed at advancement of the excellence of the Electron and Plasma Physics Laboratory (EPPL) in the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics of Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia.

The main goal is to provide the EPPL with the opportunity to learn from partners to create a centre of excellence. ELEvaTE will allows EPPL to twin with the Molecular Physics Group at the Open University (OU) in United Kingdom and Nano-Bio-Group at the Institute for Ion Physics and Applied Physics at the University of Innsbruck (UI). Both partners are leading internationally recognized scientific institutions and shall provide EPPL with their best-practice experience in international dissemination experience, IPR issues, industry cooperation and leadership management practice in international projects.

The secondary effect of project ELEvaTE is application of newly gained knowledge and experience in Comenius University environment. This Handbook for Project Management and Quality Plan is one of the means of fulfilling these project’s aspirations. The management and coordination of the project are perceived as a part of a training process for EPPL.

1) Project management administration

Management structure as proposed by the project consists of main decision body – General Assembly; main execution body – Project Coordinator and main advisory body – Management Support Team. In brief, the management structure has 2 major levels: strategic and technical. The strategic level management performed by General Assembly (hereafter GA), which is composed of senior members of all three project organizations. The Technical decisions are being made by a Management Support Team (MST) composed of the three main project leaders and the Project Manager. Support to day-to-day administration tasks and facilitation of the work is performed by CU.

The role of the Coordinator is multidisciplinary:

  • He will have responsibility of the project and its overall day-to-day management and.
  • He will be the intermediary between the partners and the EC.
  • He will chair the MST and the GA

The role of the Project Manager is:

  • To support the coordinator on the daily management of the project
  • To ensure the collation and delivery of project reports for MST and EC
  • To compile financial, mid-term and final reports for MST, GA and EC
  • To deliver and maintain ELEvaTE website

Lesson learned:

In course of the project the proposed management structure has showed up to be unnecessary and too complex for such size of the project, affecting the flexibility and reaction times.

2) Managing the budget

3) Reports and annual project updates coordination, preparation of reviews

4) Coordination of deliverables

5) Organizing meetings

6) Risk management plan

7) Quality assurance procedures

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